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The disadvantage of hair coloring

Hair coloring has become one of those common things among this generation people, gender doesn’t matter. Because you can see both boys and girls having hair coloring. For those youngsters having a hair color is a fun thing and to portrait them as a modern youngster they showing interest in coloring the hair. But the bitter truth is they don’t know or not considering the disadvantages of hair coloring. This article explains you about those deadly side effects of the hair;

Side effects of hair coloring

Generally, there are two kinds of hair coloring permanent and temporary. Both of these hair coloring cause side effects but their severity might get differ. If you are thinking about having the hair coloring then you have to understand the side effects of hair dyeing so that you can take a proper decision whether to have them or not. The hair coloring is general chemistry and it is all based on the reaction between the hair dye that has used and your natural hair pigments. Here the side effects of hair coloring are listed below;

allergic reactions

Hair damage

The permanent hair dye contains ammonia and peroxide in it and that reacts with your hair shaft. The ammonia of a dye breaks the hair shaft and the peroxide neutralizes them this causes discoloration of hair. So, when you have hair coloring that may entirely change the natural color of your hair, remember it.

Allergic reaction

Not everyone gets an allergic reaction but few may experience allergy on having the hair coloring and in some their severity will be higher. The permanent hair color contains the paraphenylenediamine which is a common allergen. Usually, people who are having contact dermatitis are highly prone to allergic reactions and in general people, it just causes itchiness and swelling.


Some of the compounds present in the hair dye are carcinogenic in that case it causes cancer. It is not proved yet still so much research is going on so before telling it needs evidence. But still, there is a chance of getting cancer so better you can avoid it.

permanent hair dye

Fertility issues

Still, the studies are going on whether the dye causes infertility or not, but it has proved some of the hair products and dye causes absorption.

Bottom line

Still, there are lots of cons of hair dyeing, so if you have an idea about having hair coloring get to know all of those at first and then make your final decision.